View Full Version : Stolen Bicycle

27-10-2005, 15:14 PM
Had a new tenant move in a couple of weeks ago and he is leaving in a couple of days time, the same night he moved in another tenants bicycle was stolen, the tenant has admitted that it was a friend of his that helped him move in that stole the bicycle, if a tenant is liable for his guests can I deduct the cost of the bicycle from his deposit and re-imburse the other tenant?

27-10-2005, 15:51 PM
I would be very surprised. He hasnt stolen the bicycle, and you have zero proof that his friend took it. Even if you did, I still dont think that you could do so.

27-10-2005, 16:03 PM
I wouldnt get involved mate, I would advise the guy who bike it was to inform the police. I dont think a LL can babysit everyone, although this government is trying to make us responsible for their every move!