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15-04-2008, 13:04 PM

I have a difficult tenant (already posted one issue today) who I have served with a s8 notice for rent arrears. It is a joint tenancy and I issued a notice to each tenant in their own name. The tenant claims that my notices are invalid because I should have served one on each of them but in joint names. Can anyone advise me please?

thank you

15-04-2008, 13:09 PM
Yes. The two people are together "the tenant" if you granted one tenancy to them jointly. Why did you issue one Notice addressed to one only, and the other Notice addressed to the other one only?

15-04-2008, 14:05 PM
I once had a County Court Judge who didn't see anything wrong with notice just served to one of the tenants in that tenants name only in a joint tenancy and that it was fine to make no reference at all or serve a notice on the other tenant. Rather odd Judge. Amused to notice he got a rather stern telling off in a recent Court of Appeal decision.

15-04-2008, 18:21 PM
Two years ago I paid a solicitor to serve notice and I have simply copied those.