View Full Version : Abducted and held to ransom for rent arrears

07-04-2008, 19:00 PM
Four men who abducted a teenage girl and held her to ransom over a £400 bill for rent arrears started jail terms yesterday.

The gang grabbed Beata Daniova, 13, and took her from a friend's home in Tinsley, Sheffield, before warning her mother that she wouldn't see her daughter until the outstanding rent was paid.

The four men were told they would spend a total of 10 years in prison for blackmail and abduction.


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Few things in Rotherham are unbelievable!

09-04-2008, 23:08 PM
One does wonder what would happen were the boot on the other foot i.e. tenant kidnaps landlord over failed repairs???

Its a specific offence to harass a tenant, but not a specific offence for a tenant to harass a landlord though obviously a general offence under Protection from Harassment Act 1997

In this reported case no doubt the mother and the child will be able to sue in the civil court in additional to the criminal sentences.