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06-04-2008, 18:38 PM
hi if i didn't take a deposit but did have a tenancy agreement that is periodic now do i still need to give 2 months notice also if they refuse to pay rent whilst in the two month notice, aren't living there but still have stuff there can i go in and reclaim and one more question am i legally entitled to have a key for the flat, mine's been taken and now can't get in at all can i change locks and leave them a key any advice appreciated thanks

06-04-2008, 19:00 PM
You cannot legally re-enter your property unless equipped with a possession order granted by a county court and a court bailiff who is enforcing the order.


20-04-2008, 20:19 PM
if the tenant leaves and doesn't leave a key what do i do? can i change the lock to get in? where do i stand, have a feeling they wont leave key as this has been an unpleasant scenario with bad feeling please advise on legalities

20-04-2008, 22:03 PM
Tricky one. How long has the tenant been gone for? Do you have proof they have left? Just because they haven't been paying the rent doesn't mean they've left. If you changed the locks and the tenants return then you could be in trouble.

20-04-2008, 22:25 PM
in a similar situation i was advised by NLA to change the locks and put a notice in the window saying "Anyone with a legal right of entry to these premises please contact xxxxxxxx phone number" This means you have not locked them out, but, have changed the locks for security reasons for their benefit as well as yours.

21-04-2008, 17:25 PM
Check your buildings insurance. I know mine states that the property should not be unoccupied for more than 30 days at a stretch. This might be a might be a good reason to change the the locks & check the property is secure before posting the notice as stated above.