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04-04-2008, 12:44 PM
My landlord is a really nice person but never does repairs, or at least just does the really basic ones like fixing a lock and even then only after pestering him

In October a massive leak occured next to front door and has damaged the plaster, and got worse and worse, and to be fair at first he kept coming round but couldnt fix it, the wallpaper came off the walls and it had only been decorated last summer.

Anyway its April now and it hasnt been sorted, he keeps promising to replaster and rewallpaper it but doesnt.

Problem 2 is the 38 year old woman who stays there in a room so tiny it would barely hold 2 beds and no other furniture has her son sleeping on the floor again since November and doesnt pay rent for him yet he uses loads of electric that we pay for, uses the sofa cushions to sleep on so you cant sit on sofa when hes sleeping

The light switch in living room has come off the wall and though its fine now if you pulled it the plaster would come right off the wall easily.

The hoover doesnt work though I doubt I can blame him for that.

Problem being is he was pushy a few weeks ago about wanting to know if I would stay and as I found nowhere else I said yes, so signed a contract from October but now found a better place.

I dont mind the house but the walls are too thin and repairs arent getting done, if he sorted them and such I would be happy as the rent is REALLY cheap and furniture is all new etc.

Just wanted to know my rights on this, the contract is October to June I dont mind staying over summer as its cheap then moving but worried

09-04-2008, 06:16 AM
ryouga can you describe the property, number of occupants, storeys, etc.

The landlord has responsibilities under the landlord and tenant act, but you may have to seek legal advice for that course of action.

10-04-2008, 17:37 PM
Well its just 2 floors, ground floor with a kitchen, toilet on its own, small living room and a tiny office converted to a bedroom.

upstairs its 3 small bedrooms and a bathroom.

Offically theres 4 tenants but the woman downstairs has her 18 year old son staying since October and hes not moving to this October but doesnt pay rent.

House is one of those modern estates think no more than 25 years old as my parents used to work in the area until they moved 25 years ago and the housing estate wasnt here then.

Nice enough house just needs repairs done and where the boiler was replaced theres pipes coming everywhere making kitchen look ugly. Another thing is the walls are so thin if someone farted in next room or downstairs you hear it they are that bad, which caused loads of rifts this year as the girl in the middle room(i.e above the bedroom downstairs and between the 2 upstairs) had a home theatre and played it loud till like 4am as she had friends round then fell asleep but left it on meaning the whole house couldnt sleep lol.

The actual landlord is a solicitor in housing matters! Thats the funny thing.

I dont think in a way hes intentionally bad but hes swamped with solicitor work and lives about 30 miles away and his handyman is really lazy(and sexist keeps on talking about "the women") You need to push and push to get anywhere.

05-02-2009, 13:05 PM
I have posted before that shes a pain, she has loads of jobs so only comes back to sleep really and is rude if you ask for advice or something to be fixed saying shes busy.

A few weeks back the house fuse went and she told everyone that its down to people overloading sockets and using microwaves and heaters etc.

One day my light fused and so she came in and said the reason why the light fused was because I had my pc and tv connected to same wall socket via an extension.

She also shouted at another guy who is doing a music course so has 2 pc's(though only 1 is on all the time other is just for mixing) and he has no tv or stereo.

We got a letter yesterday saying that tenants have too much rubbish in their rooms and their rooms are a tip(which for me and a few others I know is a complete lie) and so the landlords paying someone to do random room inspections which isnt in the contact so I thought illegal. And the warden says the next time any fuses go in the house, even the lights shes leaving the power off for the entire house until they know who is causing the short outs even if it takes days, isnt this illegal especialyl since part of rent includes bills?

05-02-2009, 13:19 PM
I cannot really follow your post. Please clarify it.
Are you an Assured Shorthold Tenant or a long-leaseholder? Who employs this Warden? Are the 'tenants' whom you mention:
a. your sub-tenants; or
b. yourself and other flats' tenants?

05-02-2009, 14:27 PM
Its a 42 week contract i.e term time for students so I dont sub let its other tenants in house.

An update is the warden was talking down to me again as the DOWNSTAIRS fuses went which have their own fuse box and she blamed me and another guy on our floor since we have loads of electrical stuff despite me saying to her that obviously I dont have everything turned on at once she then said I shouldnt have everything on at once so basically ignored my comment.

She also now says the drains are getting blocked so shes charging all the tenants a fee to unblock them despite me never blocking the sink as I either eat junk food or takeaways so never cook in kitchen and when I do its something in the oven or microwave.

05-02-2009, 14:40 PM
Still garbled! Who is this Warden? Is your landlord in fact a University?

05-02-2009, 17:57 PM
Still garbled! Who is this Warden? Is your landlord in fact a University?

I dont think its garbled as you are confusing me!

Nope landlord is a private landlord and "employs" a warden

mind the gap
05-02-2009, 19:13 PM
Jeffrey I think the accommodation may be a privately managed block for a University by a management company, but OP does refer to the 'house fuse' so I'm not sure.

ryouga : seriously, this reads like a Vicky Pollard script - Jeffrey is right, it is very hard to unravel what you are saying. However... I think you are complaining that the Warden of your student accommodation/large student house is threatening to cut off the electricity as a punishment because some of the occupants of the building are overloading the system?
Suggestion : complain to the Landlord or management company (via the Accommodation Office/agent to which you pay your rent) as she should not do this. However, there may be a clause in your agremeent prohibiting the use of electrical items over a certain kilowattage, in which case, by using extra heaters, etc, some of the tenants may be in breach of the tenancy agremeent.

You also seem upset at being charged a fee to unblock the drain?This is in fact pretty standard in multi-room student accommodation and it is probably included in the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement, or in a management agremeent you may have signed as well. All you can do is put a big notice up in the kitchens reminding people of the financial penalties of blocking drains by putting food down sinks.

You are also upset at the number of inspections of rooms which are carried out?Again, you may have signed something in your TA to agree to weekly inspections - again, in student blocks, these are not uncommon. It may be that the Warden is actually implementing some of the conditions of the management policy which were not being taken very seriously before. However, it seems unprofessional of her to inspect rooms without telling you first when she plans to do so. It would be a reasonable request on your part that you are given advance notice.

I appreciate that it must be frustrating to share some of your living space with a lot of other individuals, many of whom you do not know or like very much. However, it is generally cheaper to do this than to rent a smaller house or flat privately; dealing with other people's irritating habits is part of the deal in these situations, I'm afraid.

05-02-2009, 20:28 PM
I have to say I particularly liked:

If you are just here to troll then go away.

I see cooking as well, cooking not shoving something into a oven or microwave as that doesnt involve loads of pans and draining oils not the same thing.

11-03-2009, 17:21 PM
Me again lol, essentially have been in current property since November, from the word go it has been a problem.

I told warden my loan was delayed since I only transferred the uni at last minute through clearing and the warden was fine with me paying the deposit and waiting 2 weeks to pay arrears and then weekly in advance.

Only 2 days into the tenancy the warden started phoning me, harrassing me demanding the rent and it started off as only about 5-10 calls a day, then after a week became ringing non stop for like 5 hours and even though each time I told her that my loan wasnt in yet, the day when she rang me non stop she left voicemail saying I had an hour to pay or get out of the room or she will change the locks, keep all my possessions and the deposit. I had to go to student union to speak to her but since then she hasnt once mentioned rent but is rude to me when she sees me.

Just after christmas the house fuse went and she was rude to me and another tenant as I have a big screen LCD and PC in my room and said it must of been me since I had my pc and LCD in there (even though the PC wasnt plugged in!) she said it was plugged in all the time(lies and how would she know unless she went into room and behind the desk where the sockets are! She also said something similar to a guy doing a music course who im friends with as he as a keyboard, 2 pc's, a tv and a amp but never uses one of his pc's. I have only seen him have his keyboard twice since November, and rarely uses amp and even then each item is plugged into different sockets around room not all cramed into one 4 way plug. And yet this guy who keeps on being the only person on our floor(each floor has its own fuse boxes) and has a fan heater with bare wires hanging out as its broken doesnt get told off at all!

A few weeks later it happened again and warden said next time it goes shes charging everyone on the floor £50 each and/or leaving the electric off completly until the culprit is found, but again blamed me and the other guy(yet both times it blew we were both out of house)

The internet has been a pain since day one too, the landlord gets away with it as we dont pay for it and theres nothing in the contract about it but it died completly 3 weeks ago and I spoke to warden today and she said that it broke because someone went to the router and reset the settings and the Landlord paid £140 for a private company to fix it.

So now she says that the next time it doesnt work and/or she sees someone touching it shes going to charge £140 and add it to the rent bill!

Theres nothing in the contract about this.

Also a month ago I knocked something off my cabinet at the sink which is above a plug(isnt that dangerous anyway) and it damaged the casing of a plug so now its just bare wires there and the faceplate and I told the warden twice that week, and once a week since then but today she claims that I have never told her! Also she phoned landlord and said its £30 to fix(yet the part is like £3 in hardware shop and easy for me to replace as have done them before) and I said I will fix it myself then and she said I wasnt allowed to!

ANOTHER problem is it took 2 and a half months to get a copy of tenancy agreement and then it looked totally different to the one I signed, for instance the front page I signed which said the tenancy dates, and the back page I signed but there was no witness and now theres the signature of the warden and the landlord as the witness when she was never there when I moved in! also the middle page which is the terms is printed on different paper and different ink than the rest and looks like a bad photocopy and has ridicoulous terms I would never have agreed to like the landlord or agent like the warden can come in whenever they want with no notice, they can charge for the wages of warden as an extra, they can show around new tenants anytime with no notice, the landlord can ask me to vacate the property at any time with 24 hours notice etc.

Isnt all this illegal? the deposit thing also got me thinking as if they threatened to chuck me out with no notice(like they did at beginning) then it sounds like the deposit isnt in a scheme and I have never been given proof of where its held and the fact they threatened to keep all my belongings and then charge me for a new lock etc makes them sound bad, and saying they can add extra charges whenever they want.

any advice on my rights?

mind the gap
11-03-2009, 19:17 PM
My name isn't lol, but I'll have a go a this one anyway. (I'm feeling strong).

The stuff with the electrics : we have advised you about this before:http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=16697

The tenancy agreement : this sounds highly irregular and if it is an AST, then some of the terms you mention are illegal (summary eviction, etc). Is your tenancy definitely an AST?

The only thing I'm wondering about is whether this warden is in fact a resident landlord - which would make you a lodger (not a tenant), and as such your rights would be far fewer.

Please clarify.

12-03-2009, 08:06 AM
Ryouga. Is this the same property that you posted about last year, or another one entirely?

12-03-2009, 16:58 PM
Different property, only been in this one a few months.

16-03-2009, 19:31 PM
My name isn't lol, but I'll have a go a this one anyway. (I'm feeling strong).

The stuff with the electrics : we have advised you about this before:http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=16697

The tenancy agreement : this sounds highly irregular and if it is an AST, then some of the terms you mention are illegal (summary eviction, etc). Is your tenancy definitely an AST?

The only thing I'm wondering about is whether this warden is in fact a resident landlord - which would make you a lodger (not a tenant), and as such your rights would be far fewer.

Please clarify.

Forgot to reply to this but needed a bump anyway lol

The warden is not the landlord, she works for the landlord in a bar in town that was how she got the position, I have met the landlord twice since I moved in but she never seems very friendly, that being said if I ever ring her direct instead of going to warden I normally get things done far easier.

Not sure about AST, will check again when I go home.

17-03-2009, 15:58 PM
I think the best thing is to go to citizen's advice or your council tenancy relations officer with all your documentation .

Get them to verify what kind of tenancy you have.

They will advise you of your rights better than we can as they will be able to see your documentation.

I suspect that there are unfair practices going on.