View Full Version : Tenant overcharged, water supply defects- pls. advise

30-03-2008, 12:54 PM

I signed an 18 month agreement for a flat in Putney London.
I am being overcharged, the hot water has been sporadic I
was misqouted council tax bands and have had a damaged
(by the landlords Plumber) bathtub for almost six months.

Unfortunatly my property is managed by an apparently
very aggressive company. I have noted these issues in
writing to the Estate Agent and been told that as I only
emailed concerning the water in December it does NOT
count as a breach of contract.

Due to changes in my financial circumstances I NEED TO

What can I do

Additinally my contract seems to have been signed (honestly)
by a person listed as a "Professional Wrestler"

Will this obvious lie invalidate the contract