View Full Version : Landlord with NO Gas Safety Checks - Please help

14-03-2008, 17:47 PM
I have become aware of a private landlord who has in excess of 50 properties let out to private tenants and none of the houses have a gas safety check on them - nothing...

Please can you advise me of what could happen to this person - the reason I ask is that a friend of mine has just started working for them and Im worried they will get into trouble if something happens - what advise can you offer me?

Your help is greatly appreciated

14-03-2008, 18:27 PM
Issues with lack of gas saftey ( CP12 ) Cert

1) Landlord faces a fine
2) Landlord faces prison
3) Tenants face possible DEATH!!!!!

REPORT HIM NOW!!! To your local environmental health office

14-03-2008, 18:53 PM
REPORT HIM NOW!!! To your local environmental health officeI can't believe that not one of the 50-odd tenants in any of these properties has not already done so.


14-03-2008, 18:57 PM

Maybe, but you never know who else will read this!

14-03-2008, 19:50 PM
I think most of the properties are cheap rents with foreign people living in them.....

16-03-2008, 17:48 PM
we have just had our gas cut off becouse we have been complaining about fumes! transco came and we are now gasless!!!!!

i asked landlord for certificate and she doesnt have one!!!!

me and my foreign girlriend have a high rent!!!!!!!!!