View Full Version : Permitted Development Rights

11-03-2008, 17:46 PM
I wish to change two windows in a flat which forms part of a block of four that I own.The property started its life as a 3bed semi and was extended many years ago to become a HMO.
In more recent years, retrospective planning permission was granted for the four individual flats and respect once flats, P.D.Rights are withdrawn.
If the property were still one house and as the property is outside a conservation then the works could have gone ahead without P.P. which was confirmed by the duty planning officer at my L.A.
I've made a householder application and provided drawings of the existing and the proposed but did not send the £135 fee because it states on their website that if P.D.Rights have been withdrawn then there is no fee to pay.
Last Friday I had a call from the planning dept. to say they will not proceed until the fee of £135 is paid.

On one hand I can understand why the fee should be paid (Iv'e sent them a cheque anyway)but on the other I can't.

Any opinions.