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  1. Scotland: two months' notice on six-month STA letting?
  2. Difference In Agreements For England And Scotland??
  3. Scotland- letting HMO- differences from E&W?
  4. Ending tenancy in Scotland
  5. same section 21 valid for scotland
  6. News for Landlords In Scotland
  7. SAT's in Scotland
  8. Scottish landlord- advice re tenant's damage/dirt
  9. Ultimate worst-ever L?
  10. Scottish let: effect/signature of Agreement and Notices?
  11. Scotland- equivalent of AST?
  12. letting in scotland
  13. Property Courses Scotland
  14. Courses re (Scottish law) property management?
  15. Tenancy deposits in Scotland
  16. Scotland- adjacent property now commercial- nuisance
  17. Scottish Law
  18. Amendments needed for a 12 month AST In Scotland
  19. Scotland- tenant finds flat uninhabitable; what can I do?
  20. Ending fixed-term tenancy early (Scotland)
  21. Landlord's attempt to create an AST in Scotland
  22. Scotland- loft space purchase
  23. Scotland- let flat affected by condensation- rights?
  24. Scotland- former tenant cannot recover deposit
  25. Conveyancing help for scotland?
  26. Scotland- early surrender- landlord demands extra access
  27. Scotland- Notice giving prior intimation of repossession
  28. Scotland- old landlord sold our premises to our competitor
  29. Scotland- can tenant leave without giving notice?
  30. Scotland-tenants without lease no rents
  31. Scotland- can I let flat before I obtain HMO licence?
  32. Scotland: tenant injured in property- am I liable?
  33. Scotland- landlord renting out again but not via agent
  34. Scotland: letting agent allowed unauthorised entry
  35. Scotland - landlord banned from letting property
  36. New Scottish Landlord.....
  37. Permitted development rules- Scotland
  38. Rental EPCs mandatory in Scotland - 4th Jan 2009
  39. Scotland: letting for life to owner's father
  40. Short Assured Tenancy & Rent Reviews (scotland)
  41. Scottish law- Letting Agent refuses to release rent to L
  42. (Scotland) Tenant has left and wants deposit back
  43. Suggestion: new Forum on Scottish law
  44. Scotland: extending 6-month short assured tenancy
  45. Scottish let (6-mths.); L changed mind part-way through
  46. Commercial Lease Scotland
  47. Scottish Standard Security- name errors- effect?
  48. Scotland- deposit on short letting- contract created?
  49. Rent distress in Scotland
  50. Scotland, "Repairing Standard" Smoke Alarms
  51. Scotland: buying second house for son- BTL mortgage?
  52. Scotland- agricultural land
  53. Scotland- converted flats- new communal aerial
  54. Scotland- patience & determination- £4k+ recovered
  55. Short Assured Tenancy
  56. Scottish HMO- can someone other than L hold licence?
  57. Scotland: buildings/contents insurance for flat?
  58. Scotland to introduce tenancy deposit scheme
  59. Scottish law: Can I cancel Letting Agency contract?
  60. (Scottish) Short Ass'd Tenancy ends, T in situ, new one granted
  61. (Scotland) Am I a landlord?
  62. Landlord holding onto deposit-Scotland advice wanted.
  63. Scotland:letting for less than 6 months?
  64. Evict Commercial Tenant in Scotland
  65. Scotland- promised house to let but offer withdrawn
  66. Scotland- must T pay factor's fees as part of bills?
  67. Letting in Scotland- what certificates are necessary?
  68. L's obligations- Scotland- Short Assured Tenancy
  69. Scottish premises let by unregistered Canadian L
  70. Scotland- form of commercial lease?
  71. Notice to quit period (Scotland)
  72. Scotland- L won't repair leak; what can I do?
  73. Scottish Agreement Advice please
  74. T forged L's signature to claim HB/LHA
  75. Scotland- can L withhold deposit?
  76. EPC and upgrading
  77. L recovered possession- but T's damaged the premises
  78. Owner-occupier wishes to let-out some rooms
  79. Scotish countil tax query
  80. Scope of this Forum
  81. Invalid Notice to Quit?
  82. adjoining landlord dispute
  83. 2 sets of doors within arms distance on entrance to property, safety?
  84. Resident Landlord- property in Scotland
  85. Can L request T to leave (so L can re-occupy house)?
  86. End of Tenancy Notice
  87. Can L cancel the Letting Agent's contract?
  88. Ok I'm a complete idiot but please advise!
  89. Recomend a lawyer
  90. L's Letting Agent has vanished with keys/money
  91. advice on renting room
  92. How to give notice at end of contract
  93. Notice to quit server by LL and penalty? Small shop in Scotland
  94. Resonable Deposit Deductions
  95. Council stopped HB because old L had sold- news to us!
  96. Friends notice period runs out 3 weeks into a 4 week period, ll wants full rent
  97. Premises must be professionally cleaned: L wants receipts
  98. Charges for Cleaning "at the tenant's expense"
  99. non payment of rent due to leak and repairs taking too long
  100. moving out date - landlord issue
  101. Letting Agency
  102. "Premiums"
  103. L's agent unresponsive re repairs to premises
  104. Nightmare Tenant
  105. T disappeared and abandoned premises; can L re-enter?
  106. Repairs not fixed by L/damage to items not in inventory
  107. Sources of useful information- Scottish law
  108. Storage room not mentioned in Letting Agreement- can L retain?
  109. security deposit withheld
  110. Notice Period In SPT
  111. Panicking over agency call saying rent is late and they will take "serious action"
  112. Unpaid Council Tax - Bailiffs
  113. Subletting agreed - Can landlord retain the deposit?
  114. Sample Letter
  115. Reluctant L's problems with letting agent
  116. Can tenant legally be charged to replace items not listed on inventory?
  117. Entitled to immediate deposit return on vacating?
  118. Ex partner in jointly owned property
  119. Smoke Detectors
  120. Common law tenant refusing to pay rent
  121. common law tenant refusing to pay rent
  122. Tenants entered, refused to sign, and won't pay
  123. Ending lease 3 months early?
  124. Damage by landlords contractors
  125. Estimating current rebuild value from old survey
  126. Ambiguous notice period after end of (Scottish) tenancy
  127. is it illeagle to change the locks on a flat
  128. Under these circumstances, is a notice to quit necessary? (Scotland)
  129. Contract resigning fee for tenancy extension, nothing written in old or new contract
  130. Running small business from rented property
  131. T trashed house and left mountain of debts
  132. Letting-out home whilst working abroad: how?
  133. Best way to sell Highland holiday home; flood damaged
  134. Late housing benefit payments?
  135. Factor Fees
  136. Building a BTL portfolio in Scotland
  137. Landlord wants to quit Agency
  138. Frozen pipes, no water at all! What should I do?
  139. letting to family
  140. Frozen Pipes - Landlord Obligations
  141. Do I have to move back into my flooded flat?
  142. Reasonable time for L to repair bathroom?
  143. Burst pipe brought down ceiling
  144. Need to change Agent
  145. Invalid lease agreement?/eviction
  146. L unlawfully evicted me last year; still asks for rent owe
  147. Legal question regarding duties of Director
  148. Parents as guarantors?
  149. Tenancy deposit schemes- Scotland
  150. Terminating lease early- L claims error in lease
  151. Short Assured Tenancy for staff accomodation
  152. Multiple let and utility bill issue for previous property
  153. After 2 months notice, he hasn't signed
  154. SAT but no AT5- is lease void?
  155. Who pays electricity bill between tenancies?
  156. Looking for information from ex-factors
  157. One of 2 joint tenants gives notice - advice please?
  158. letting a room to a 16 yo
  159. Worth chasing?
  160. What notice period from T to L? 1 or 2 months?
  161. Can letting agent refuse to tell L about extension?
  162. no improvements no letting agreement renewal
  163. Ex flat mate refusing entry
  164. What paperwork is needed so I can evict T?
  165. Can I end a short assured tenancy before it starts?
  166. Factor charges for communal landscaping, electricity, maintenance in Scotland
  167. Served Notice to Quit and AT6 (Scotland) Tenant avoiding collecting recorded delivery
  168. Tenant avoiding collecting recorded delivery eviction notice.
  169. Communal areas maintainance for converted flats
  170. Tenant noisy- what's the right thing to do?
  171. unpaid rent, tenant in hospital!! What to do?
  172. First Property in Scotland, help!
  173. Possible HB fraud by Short Assured Tenant
  174. Who is liable for tax on the rental?
  175. What would you do with this rental opportunity?
  176. End of fixed-term letting: advice needed
  177. Accountant (specialising in Property), Scotland - Wanted
  178. Subletting to Students Insurance Issues
  179. Time limit- Short Assured Tenant
  180. Letting a property- what insurance do I need?
  181. holiday property - EPC required?
  182. Tenant arrested
  183. start up
  184. My first letting- what do I need to do or check?
  185. HMO- definition? use by a couple?
  186. rent offices to a liquidated company ?
  187. Can letting agent charge fees upfront?
  188. Can Estate Agent claim cancellation fee (property let)?
  189. Inventory? To do or not to do, any advice appreciated!
  190. L's complaints against factors/factoring fees
  191. Charging Tenants For Insurance
  192. Agency threatening to (Iilegally) evict me, best advice?
  193. questions on LAS, packages and docs section of this forum
  194. What are the best sites to advertise for flats and rooms
  195. Non paying Tenant
  196. admin fees
  197. Am I totally screwed by my reference?
  198. advice needed regards notice to quit
  199. Im looking for a rent to buy property for myself and family
  200. Help Please, landlord and pet problems..
  201. "Holding over" under the terms of a contractually expired AST
  202. Which Forms
  203. Electrical Safety Check Scotland
  204. How much notice do I need to give unpaid rent
  205. Breaking Contract
  206. Retaining Deposit - thrashed flat
  207. What happens next?
  208. Expat Buildings and Contents Insurance for property lived in by relative
  209. New Town Rental Increase
  210. difficult tenant (and guarantor) - do I have a case?
  211. New Member needing advice please
  212. Health and safety problems such as no communal lighting, what do I do?
  213. Is a short assured tenancy issued by a government landlord competent?
  214. tenant left 3 months early and demanded return of deposit
  215. Problems with agent resolving issues
  216. Affordable Building Insurance - does it even exist?
  217. Tenancy Agreements
  218. tenant asking for deposit money without completing the contract (in scotland)
  219. Right to cancel
  220. No Rent for 5 months
  221. how much rent is due?
  222. deposit return
  223. Live in landlord advice needed
  224. What notice do I need to serve when I do not want to re-new a 6 month contract?
  225. Tenants out - one not fully paid rent
  226. what's involved in a private let?
  227. Using deposit as last months rent
  228. Scottish Extras Charges
  229. Short Assured Tenancies in Scotland and 'Trading As' names
  230. Is it something in the water?
  231. Tampered with locks.
  232. Gutter issue - 8 months later still not repaired
  233. Tenant disappeared - evict or abandoned?
  234. Mortgage - permission to rent property on a commercial basis - Please Help
  235. Landlord withholding deposit
  236. Landlord Registration query
  237. Letter of Termination
  238. How to evict tenant and their subtenant
  239. Lock on cupboard
  240. Scottish short assured tenancy (6months) How to quit house in disrepair?
  241. Termination of lease sample letter to Landlord
  242. What time can someone do DIY too?
  243. Help With Return of Deposit
  244. To 'The Occupier' - Notice of calling-up...
  245. 3 people want to rent my flat.
  246. Suspicious seeming flat offer
  247. Parents as landlords? 24 hour notice for visit?
  248. Notice to quit - AT6
  249. paying council tax for tenant
  250. Getting landlord to replace LAMINATE-hell flooring upstairs