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  1. Electrical safety
  2. fire safety
  3. Landlord Liability for Tenant Action
  4. Gas safety certificate and insurance implication
  5. House no longer rented - hhsrs valid?
  6. Gas safety certificate and service
  7. Gas boiler regulations
  8. Newbie Landlord - Electrical Items and Certificates
  9. Fire safety standards could be included in proposed 'landlord charter'
  10. legionnaires disease and residential landlords
  11. Smoke Alarms
  12. Electric Cert
  13. Gas Safety - Definition/interpretation of maintained in a safe condition
  14. FENSA certificate for rental property?
  15. Fire Doors
  16. Number of Plug Sockets?
  17. Definition of 'Workplace'
  18. Gas Safety dilemma.
  19. Some info would be great!!!!
  20. Info needed on fire door regs
  21. Reliable Electrician in London? - i'm new please help :)
  22. User manual for Procombi 85HE boiler
  23. Internal/external cylinder
  24. Gas Cert Advice Please
  25. Landlord Oil Installation Check CD/12 - One-off or periodic?
  26. Glass door question
  27. Glass regulations
  28. Do I need any Certs after works done by electrician?
  29. Gas Fire Condemned - What to do?
  30. Lanlord knows of faulty fuse box
  31. Fire Safety
  32. Fire Safety between Cafe and flats above.
  33. Supplier Change B****cks
  34. New Gas Cooker installation - need a certificate?
  35. Scary email from Letting Agent re: mercury in energy saving bulbs.
  36. Do electrics have to meet current regulations, or just be safe?
  37. HHSRS Category 1 fault
  38. Boiler in bathroom?
  39. soft furnishings
  40. must smoke alarms be connected to mains electricity
  41. Providing tenant with a ladder
  42. Environmental Enforcement Officers
  43. Fire safety question
  44. HHSRS Room size guidlines
  45. Fire Blanket and Extinguisher
  46. Risk of explosion? Scuba diving tenant gas tank
  47. Leather Sofa - lost fire label
  48. Does adding plywood to a bed bases contravene fire safety regs
  49. NICEIC periodic inspections
  50. How often does your elec/gas supplier have to check ur meter etc
  51. Bedroom windows
  52. who is qualified to install & certify rewiring of commercial premises
  53. Gas Saftey and rent rebate
  54. Student House - Installing central heating. What type of boiler?
  55. HMO Fire alarm system
  56. CP12 Gas Safety Certificate
  57. Emergency Lighting
  58. Carbon monoxide alert
  59. Radon and landlord's responsbilities
  60. Is a fire risk assessment needed for external communal areas of a flat conversion?
  61. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  62. Oldham Fuel Co-op
  63. 1988 flat conversion - what fire safety measures should we take for the common parts?
  64. Help! urgent advice needed re boiler safety & breakdown issues
  65. distance of flue from opening window...where do you measure from?
  66. New Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors
  67. Is it normal for the gas meter cupboard to smell of gas?
  68. Security and fire regulations
  69. Flue void inspection hatch help needed?
  70. Barbed wire
  71. Youth hostel
  72. Worried about Personal Injury Claim
  73. Help! HHSRS - Category 1, Excess Cold
  74. smoke alarm repair
  75. Asbestos Survey obligations in 1999
  76. How do I ensure safe electrical installation?
  77. What needs to be done by gas safe engineer or NCIC electrician on installations
  78. Electrical Certificates...
  79. HHSRS categories
  80. HHSRS categories
  81. Boiler Men and Gas Certificates
  82. Re-letting a property with Category 1 hazards unresolved?
  83. Maximum hot water for bath and sink taps
  84. Boiler only : GSC needed?
  85. GSC failed flue in loft doesnt have clips??
  86. Thermostatic radiatior valves - my responsibility or my LL's?
  87. fire escape route in property
  88. Gas Hatch Scam
  89. Nightmare Scenario - Please Help
  90. installation of secondary gas emergency cut off valve
  91. hardwired smoke alarm servicing
  92. Fire requirements for ceilings and walls
  93. PAT and Fixed wiring certificate?
  94. Check lists
  95. What are Council powers to enforce property improvements?
  96. Gas safety check required for tenants own gas cooker
  97. Cooker door missing
  98. Working at height - who is responsible?
  99. New Flat owner.... what safety '' stuff '' do i need to provide ?
  100. Landlord Gas Safety Record for new build?
  101. Screwing shut a window
  102. Gas Fire
  103. Housing Trust powers?
  104. Do I need an electricity certificate?
  105. Displaying a fire action notice
  106. Fire blanket and extinguisher for HMO
  107. Front door lock - does it meet regulations?
  108. Boiler Regulations
  109. Hidden flue in void issues
  110. Housing Act 2004 Sec 239
  111. Boiler going to be "At Risk" but does it really matter?
  112. Can not get out of front door and gas fire unsafe
  113. Electrical Safety - PIR / Domestic electrical installation certificate - BS7671
  114. Gas safety inspection
  115. tenent looking for advice.
  116. Fire checks
  117. washing machine in bathroom allowed?
  118. Electrical Periodic Inspection Report Certification Query
  119. Fire Cert Query
  120. Carbon Monoxide Detector Legislation
  121. Electrics 1980s style
  122. Lakanal House and Shirley Tower Fire Inquests
  123. HMO but licence not required
  124. BTL search Part 3: Electrics, combi-boiler, wall cracks queries + PHOTOS!
  125. Gas Maintenance Contract
  126. HHSRS inspection in private dwelling (owner occupied)
  127. Fire regulations - Removal of Kitchen Door
  128. Fire Cert and Emergency Lighting regulations
  129. Fire escape window
  130. Council Nitpicking
  131. Portable Appliance Testing in HMO
  132. Gas Safety Inspection
  133. Door frame without a door?
  134. fire safety studio flat
  135. which fire extuingsher for property?
  136. BG contract or self insure
  137. Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  138. Electrical Installation Condition Report
  139. Emergency lighting reviews
  140. Part P Notifiable Electrical Work
  141. Can anyone recommend a good fire safety risk assessor in London?
  142. Fire escapes into nextdoor flats -- how big an issue?
  143. PAT testing frequency
  144. Firesafety and tables
  145. Fire Safety
  146. Boiler at new BTL property doesn't have building regulations?
  147. Landlord and Letting Show Reebok Stadium 26/27th June
  148. Fire safety for a freeholder
  149. GSC and cooker hob connection.
  150. My month for checking qualified contractors - elec consumer unit.
  151. Is it safe/legal to leave a Gas meter in a residential unit if its redundant ?
  152. Elec and gas sub meters
  153. Cooker gas warning label saying at risk
  154. Requirement for escape windows ?
  155. Gas cooker stability
  156. No access to back yard (bins/fire escape)
  157. HHSRS - Scores and Light Bulbs
  158. How often should Fire Risk Assessment be renewed
  159. Divan Bed Fire Safety Labelrds
  160. Fire escape -2 bed semi
  161. Fire alarms for a flat above a shop.
  162. Template for fire risk assessment
  163. Does every flat need a fire risk assessment?
  164. HHSRS - would a self-assessment questionnaire be useful to landlords?
  165. L3 Fire Alarm
  166. Tenant didn't wait for an electrician
  167. LACORS says light switches to be visible at all times incl in dark
  168. Building regs, electrics and communal heat detectors
  169. Which type of smoke alarm to fit to avoid tenants turning it off?
  170. modern block of flats common parts - fire safety inspection
  171. Electrical checks - query
  172. Boiler shut down after inspection due to boxed in flue
  173. Annual gas safety inspection
  174. 'Cricket chirping' CO detector
  175. Gas Hob isolated,tenant has no cooker!
  176. Gas Safety Certificates
  177. Help needed from Expert Electrician please!
  178. Mixed Grade Fire Safety system advice
  179. Legionaires
  180. Landlord not allowing window to be opened
  181. gas safety certificate
  182. LA not doing anything - Asbestos, no smoke alarms, repairs
  183. Upstairs Windows in 2 Bed Rental Property with only top openers
  184. gas saftey certificate
  185. HHSRS Council inspection - I do not want them in my house!
  186. Is my appliance still require PAT test?
  187. Gas cooker. Replace or not replace??
  188. Existing gas supply - is it safe/legal to leave in place if not used ?
  189. Getting new Electricity meter - who do i contact ?
  190. Smoke alarms
  191. Boiler Hasn't Been Registered
  192. NIC EIC Inspection
  193. No fire safety labels on secondhand furniture – anything I can do?
  194. ELECTRIC dangerouss or not ? illegal or not ?
  195. Hhsrs inspection
  196. Non HMO fire risk assesments
  197. no ignitability test
  198. Mice and cockroaches - tenants rights?
  199. bizarre situation -- gas man has gone AWOL
  200. Gas safety certificate
  201. Gas Safety Cert
  202. Gas Inspection Carried Out, But No Certificate Available
  203. Health & Safety about access
  204. Fire safety - HMO - Simple guide
  205. Chimney safety
  206. Heat alarm overly sensitive?
  207. HHSRS Inspecton, mould, and a tenant that wants out. Tis the season.......
  208. Regulations regarding fire escape windows requiring restrictors
  209. Gas safety cert & boiler cover?
  210. Fire Regulations in houses converted into flats
  211. Legalities to the location of meters and power mains
  212. First time buyer, fire safety help.
  213. Fire safety and means of escape
  214. LPG : GAS Safety
  215. Health and Safety Policy Document
  216. housing association bicycle storage
  217. Gas Safety Certificate - confusion
  218. Fixed Wire Test??
  219. Worried about carbon monoxide
  220. Missing fire door?
  221. House converted into block of flats
  222. Do I need new fuseboxes on 5 year old property?
  223. Fire Safety in purpose build block of flats
  224. Impact of the HHSRS Report when selling a property.
  225. Fire Doors - Legal Requirement?
  226. Converting a wooden panelled door to FD60
  227. Advice sought on liability of an open plan staircase
  228. Enforcing Implementations
  229. Replace gas oven with electric oven?
  230. Gas inspection turns into a huge bill
  231. Major landlord in trouble over gas safety
  232. Electrical mains position and bar heater in bathroom legal?
  233. Automatic Operating Ventilation
  234. responsibility of freeholders/landlords rtm company
  235. Fire extinguisher and blanket in HMO
  236. Communal area
  237. Safety of plug socket (pictures)
  238. London Fire Brigade Flats Fire Safety Drive
  239. Vision panels in Fire doors in a double floor semi detached residential property
  240. Health And Safety For Residential Blocks and Un-adopted External Areas To Housing P1
  241. Regulations - gas or electric hob near fridge freezer
  242. More Supplier change B****cks
  243. Water intermittently coming through light socket in ceiling of bathroom, please help!
  244. Electrical tests
  245. Internal Fire Doors in an apartment
  246. Majority of RTM directors wish to build storage cupboards in common ways
  247. Legal requirements for fire safety? Are Council Enviro Health correct?
  248. How to get PAYG but boxed-in meter changed to credit, direct debit meter
  249. Elec Cert - No Receipt. OK?
  250. half hour fire protection in a stud wall